We Need Volunteers

If you have an organization that is looking for volunteers to do different roles and capacity, our company can definitely help. We have a Volunteer Recruitment Centre that is accepting individuals who want to do volunteering works. These individuals are then outsourced to our current pool of charitable organizations and groups who are in need of volunteers.

Your organization can be a part of our pool by registering in our office. Once your organization is already a member, you will have your own account and be able to advertise and post all the volunteering jobs on our website and in the centre.

Being a registered organization of the company, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • You get the chance to advertise as many volunteering jobs as you like.
  • Your account on our website can be used as a database of all the volunteers.
  • You get to have the ability of the volunteers to directly apply to your organization.
  • All advertisements will have a direct link to your organization’s website.

Our company also provides training and workshops to all our member organizations on how to properly deal with volunteers. We also offer advice in dealing with different issues that are related to working with volunteers.