I Want to Volunteer

Are you looking to transform your free time into something useful and valuable?

If yes, then be a volunteer now to one of the many organizations that we are supporting. Our company, the SouthWest Volunteer Forum UK, is accepting individuals who are looking for a rewarding and interesting role as a volunteer to a charitable organization of their choice. We have over 200 local charitable institutions and organizations that are in need of volunteers with a lot of different roles available for you to choose from.

You also have an alternative to go directly to our office and talk to our volunteer adviser as we will try to help you find the exact role for your volunteering job. Among the roles that you can do for your volunteering work include driving, fundraising, assistant to a sporting event, office work, mentoring, gardening, and many more.

Why Volunteer?

There are many advantages when doing volunteering works. Some of these include:

  • Meet new people and make new friends. This will help you develop your personality and improve your social demeanour.
  • Gain a working experience that can be used when you apply for a real paid job.
  • Share your ability and skill to people in need. There are skills that you currently possess that you can use to help other people in need.
  • You will discover and learn new skills that can be added to your existing skill. Some volunteering jobs provide training before you go to the actual work.
  • Keep yourself busy and active as most volunteering jobs are happening outdoors and include tasks like gardening, driving, sporting, and many more.
  • It will help you gain confidence. If you have been sick for a while or out of job, the best way to regain your confidence and believe in yourself is to do a volunteering job.