Annual Conference

This is the home of the yearly Voluntary and Charity Sector Conference. This annual conference is the most anticipated event of the year as it showcases the progress and the challenges that the sector had faced within the one-year period. The conference is also the biggest gathering of the sector’s stakeholders as they celebrate, inspire, and tackle the different issues that are hounding the charitable and volunteering sector.

The conference also features several guest speakers who will address key issues surrounding the sector. There are also several workshops on different topics that are being lined up to upgrade volunteers and practitioners. The conference will also be a great opportunity for all stakeholders to have a formal discussion about exploring several opportunities in the sector in the future.

The 2019 Annual Conference

The 2019 Voluntary and Charity Sector Annual Conference will be held on May 20, 2019. The event will be held at the Conference Hall of the University of Exeter in Cornwall, UK. This year’s theme is “Volunteerism: Making a Big Difference to the People in Need”. This year’s conference will focus on the impact of the charity and volunteer sector on society. The conference will also focus on discussing the future of the sector in terms of having a greater impact on the community.

This year’s conference will feature top-notched guest speakers from different sectors of the society, including Government and Non-Government Organizations. All the guest speakers’ line-up has helped the sector in so many ways in the past years. Expert speakers from The Charity Commission, The New Philanthropy Capital, government officials, and local charity institution leaders are expected to make the event as the most anticipated in years.

There are also several activities and workshops being planned for the volunteers to get new knowledge and skills that will be helpful in their volunteering jobs. During the night, a formal gathering of all stakeholders will be held in order to celebrate the success that the sector has achieved in the past year. The activity is expected to be the most special activity in this year’s annual conference.