The SouthWest Volunteer Forum UK is a charitable company that has the objective to help different charitable institutions and volunteer organizations in the south-western side of the United Kingdom. Our company which was set-up in 2002 is a proud member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA).

The company gives assistance, information, training, and support to charitable organizations to make them more equipped and capable of helping those in need. We also have a Volunteer Recruitment Centre where we look and accept people who want to volunteer and help the charitable institutions in our area of jurisdiction.

The SouthWest Volunteer Forum UK is a non-profit company that is funded by different charitable companies and private individuals who want to share their blessings and want to help people in need. We also get assistance from different government institutions and personalities as we are actively helping other charitable institutions and volunteer groups across the south-western part of the United Kingdom.

If you want to volunteer or donate any amount, you can call our head office and talk to our volunteers.