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Top Web Hosting Options for Non-Profit Organizations

To be able to reach and help more people, non-profit organizations need to have a professional website to show their resources and services. In the past, these organizations sometimes fail to find a decent web hosting services for their site due to limited budget and options. However, it is not the same today as there a several affordable web hosting solutions anyone can avail of.
Here’s a list of the top web hosting options that are best suited for non-profit organizations:
DreamHost is a web…


The Volunteer Time Bank

The Volunteer Time Bank is a program that was designed to promote unity among all members of a particular community. It is about helping and supporting each other in many different ways and means. Whether its personal help, tutorial sessions, skills sharing, or any practical help, you will be accepted in the program as long as you try to help someone in the community.
A volunteer can give an hour of volunteer jobs to anyone in the community, and this will be “deposited” through the Time Bank. The volunteer can then “withdraw…


Welcome to Volunteering

Why do people volunteer? A lot of people who already did it said that it was an amazing experience. Giving back to people in need, doing service to the community, learning new skills, and meeting new people are just some of the perks that you can get from doing volunteering works. Volunteerism is also good for your health, your confidence, and your overall well-being.
However, for first-timers, it is absolutely not an easy task. That is why our company offers a workshop for new volunteers for them to get acquainted with their new roles. The workshop will have the following …