How to Support Someone Who Is Unemployed

Support Someone Who Is Unemployed

In a competitive world of ours, it is difficult to find a job that would be able to sustain us and our loved ones peacefully. Once you click here, you will know that not only does it take an immense amount of hard work to find something that you may like, but it is also even more work to retain that job from there.

While job satisfaction may come in as a secondary factor, finding a job for someone who is fresh out of college or unemployed after a prior job experience comes in first. In the time of need, it is the responsibility of both the government of the country as well as the person himself to make sure that he is employed and is adding positively to the economy.

What Are the Reasons for Unemployment?

Unemployment is an undesired phase of life when a person is not able to earn his living from a sustainable job. An unemployment period may not be undesirable for all, but those who are in need of financial support could face financial as well as mental stress due to unemployment.

So if unemployment is an undesirable factor in a country’s economy, why does it happen? It can happen due to any one of the following reasons:

  • Due to a sluggish or a declining economy of the country
  • Due to a loss period or bankruptcy of the company
  • Due to lack of technical skills by the person
  • Due to low or no demand for the skill set in the industry
  • Due to some other personal or medical troubles

In any case, the ones who are in need of a job can face a hard time during their unemployment phase. In that case, it comes down to the person and his close ones to help them through these troubling times.

What Can Be Done to Support the Unemployed Person?

The first and most important thing that the needful should be assisted with is moral support by close relatives. A person who is demotivated in such a state can often face serious mental stress and can further go in depression if not assisted.

The next step would be to figure out the problem and then work on what could be done to improve upon or eradicate it. If it is something related to the lack of skill set or a lack of demand in the acquired skill set, the person would have to churn some rocks before stepping out again.

The next thing would be to look for job alternatives in the market. Gone are the times when Backpage advertisements would be able to list out everything that was required in the market. Now, we have to find options in several Backpage alternatives which list out the available jobs in the current market.

Some of the famous Backpage alternatives are:

  • Job portal websites
  • Social media sites
  • Personal references
  • Employment hand-outs and posters

If a person is keen enough to get back in the industry, with consistent efforts and thorough information from these Backpage alternatives, unemployment will only be a temporary stage in his life.

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