Best Movies That Will Inspire You to Be Charitable

Movies That Will Inspire

Movies have their way of getting to our deepest emotions. A movie can help our fun side come out, it gives us lessons about family and friendship, it teaches us how to love, and it makes us more aware. Like music, it gives us inspiration and sometimes even motivates to us to be something that we didn’t know we could be. I last movie I watched on movies123 was about charity. If you feel the need to watch something to feed your charitable trait, you can choose from the list of movies that inspire people to be charitable.

Forrest Gump

Who doesn’t know Forrest Gump? You may have already watched this movie before, but what harm can happen if you watch it again, right?  Tom Hanks did such an amazing job in this. This is such an inspirational movie that teaches people that what we lack doesn’t define who we are and it cannot limit what we can be. If someone like Forrest Gump can affect so many lives, how is it so impossible for us to be?

Field of Dreams

This movie tells Ray Kinsella’s story about hearing a message that says, “if you build it, he will come.” He went out in search of what that message could mean until he got in touch with an author whom he asked for help. The movie tells about the sacrifice one makes in order to make way for others – something that can be considered as charitable.

The Help

The film centers on women giving all the help they can to a point when people just took them for granted. This had gone on until one of them took a stand and told their story. Watching this movie would make one realize how we take help for granted, intentionally or not. After realizing that, we can then realize that being more charitable is the least we can do for them.

Schindler’s List

This movie is such a heavy and sad movie, but it does teach people to be more charitable that they are now. It tells about the story of a man who tried so hard to save as many Jews as he could. Just seeing how hard life was then and realizing the unfairness of it all are enough to make someone to take a stand for the less fortunate.

It Could Happen to You

This Nicholas Cage film takes the message of the importance of being charitable to a lighter way. His character won the lottery and wanted to give a tip to the waitress whom he jokingly promised to give a tip to when he won the lottery. Unfortunately, his wife had a different plan. Despite the film having a comedic mood, a lot of lessons can still be learned – ones especially about giving back.

One can change his views by watching movies. Even watching movies & anime online can do the trick. However, it is important to understand that being charitable doesn’t always mean monetary gifts. A charity can come in so much more forms than bills.

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